Reflections of two weeks work experience – Adam Rowe

Hi, I know this is my dad’s blog, and you are probably expecting this post to be done by him, but as part of my work experience I was told to write on this blog explaining what these past two weeks have been like for me. Hmm…. where to start? Well I guess I should start from the beginning, technically my work experience should have started last Tuesday, but since we travelled up to Scarborough the weekend before, my dad made me take some photos that I could work with on my first day.


That day was pretty nerve-racking for me, I didn’t know what to expect and I figured I would end up breaking a valuable piece of equipment – I survived thankfully. My first task that day was to do some post-processing on my photos that I took in Scarborough. I thought that it was going to be really complicated, and that I wouldn’t understand it, but with help from my dad, I realised that it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. At school I study a GCSE Photography course, but I’ve probably learnt more from my dad than a whole year’s worth of studying at school. I never used to be bothered about the photos I took – I never really ‘loved’ them, but from all of the techniques and skills I have learnt, I managed to take a lot of great photos (in my opinion). The photo above is my favourite photo of that first day, I learnt all about filters and how they can change how a photo looks completely. I loved all the different effects I could use, it gave me lots of variety in my photos. So I survived my first day, I was then prepared for whatever else had to come, I thought…


I learnt about all the administrative work my dad had to do, it wasn’t exactly exciting, but my dad explained that it had to be done, photography is still a business. Eventually I got to taking more photos, as you probably know, one of my tasks was to take a photo a day and post it on the internet. So I went out and took some photos by myself, the photo above may seem very depressing and colourless – but that is how I see my town. I explained what I feel through a photo, which I had never done before.


Still finishing off the post-processing. That day I was struggling for ideas on what photo I should take. My parents had gone shopping, so I went with them. It was pretty hard to do because… well what are you supposed to take a picture of in a parking lot. Eventually I took some photos around and about, and actually came out with some decent photos.


Still working on post-processing and admin work, I still hadn’t taken my photo of the day, that evening I went out with the family to a restaurant and came back to my grandma’s house, and took some photos. This is my favourite photo of the day.


Probably my most active day, we went out and took some photos of poppies, but I was so scared of the bees that I didn’t take many photos. I took some photos of alphabet spaghetti in a bowl saying ‘EAT ME’ which was very fun. But I thought that it didn’t quite work well enough. So I was struggling to get a photo of the day, but finally decided to put the camera in the fridge on a timer and take a picture of myself.


I survived my first week of work experience, and I was looking forward to another. We did a photo-shoot on the Sunday before, so we were doing some post-processing on those photos, it was interesting to see how my dad worked as photographer at a real photo-shoot – he’s kind of like a director of a film, but for photography. For my photo of the day I went around my house and took some shots, but my favourite image was the one of my dog, it was really close-up and I thought it was quite comical.


I was learning about my dad’s humanitarian work – the work he does through Visioning Images.  It was really hard to find a photo, I was running out of ideas. My dad had a photo-shoot session that afternoon with a ‘Peacemobile’, so I went with him. I only took about 3 photos, I had a photo of the day thankfully. But I am unable to post it, as I do not have permission from the person who I took the photo of.


We were working on the photos of the ‘Peacemobile’, we also went out to my other grandma’s house, so I got to take some photos there. Although they didn’t all turn out great, I managed to find one that was decent.


We took some photos of flowers called gerberas. It was kind of like my own photo-shoot, I could change where the lightning should be directed and what arrangement I wanted. I managed to take a variety of different photos, but this is my favourite of that day.


My last day of work experience, well I wrote this blog basically.


As you know my last task was to take a picture of my dad, now this wasn’t easy in the slightest, most were either blurry, or I didn’t think they were good enough. I managed to find a photo of him that was pretty decent. Whether he likes it or not, I don’t know but it’s the best one that I could find.

Overall my work experience has been great, I wish I didn’t have to go back to school. Probably one of the best 2 weeks of my life, had so much fun, and learnt so much. I’m definitely going to miss taking photos for my photo of the day. But I think I will take photos more often now, because I get more pleasure in taking pictures than I did before. So I’m very thankful for my dad, for letting me do work experience with him. It’s been great!