Jane & Tom – Newstead Abbey & Osmaston Park Wedding

This weekend I had the privilege of photographing Jane and Tom’s wedding.  The two venues they had chosen were simply fantastic, Newstead Abbey is already one of my favourite wedding locations but Osmaston Park was just as impressive. I’d been looking forward for some time to this wedding as I knew Jane and Tom had put a lot of thought into the special day. Simon, Linda and I took just under 4000 shots between us so as you can imagine I’m still wading through these but I wanted to get this post out before Jane and Tom head off for their honeymoon.  Here’s just a selection of photos from the day and hopefully it goes some way to  tell the story.

All is calm as Tom and Hugh get ready for the big day.

The flowergirls are getting pretty excited.

Meanwhile there’s plenty going on with the bridal party preparations.

The bridal party travel to Newstead Abbey for the ceremony on a 1912 vintage bus.

Following the ceremony we made the most of Newstead Abbey grounds for a few portraits.

And then back onto the bus for the long journey to Osmaston Park.

The view at Osmaston was pretty spectacular.

A lot of thought had gone into the details, much had been lovingly created by various family members.

You can’t beat a barbeque on a warm summer day (it was a real meat fest!!).

A few words of gratitude for all those who had helped to make the day so special.

Finally, Jane and Tom hit the dance floor.

Thanks again to Jane and Tom for asking us to be a part of their wedding day…..now back to going through those 4000 images!

Wayne, Linda and Simon.