Humanitarian Photography Update

I realised that I hadn’t posted any updates on this blog about my more recent humanitarian photography work. Since my last post I’ve travelled to Guatemala and the Philippines on behalf of Outreach International, documenting their work in those parts of the world. The contrast between my wedding work and the humanitarian assignments I undertake is high and yet I still see similarities. Although the communities I travel to suffer greatly from the affects of poverty, I still see a celebration of life within those amazing people. They have very little in material possessions but are extremely proud of the achievements they have made in trying to pull themselves out of poverty. Life is important to them and worth celebrating however difficult it is. Likewise, here in the U.K., when I document a wedding, I’m capturing a fantastic day of celebration that is shared with family and friends.

One of my hopes for the future as a humanitarian photographer is that I can photograph a wedding within one of the communities I visit for my humanitarian work. Of course, there would not be the same level of opulence as we have here in the U.K. but a wedding is far greater than those details alone. It’s a celebration of two people wishing to share their lives together, for me that’s the most important aspect and I can document their special day in whatever surroundings they have.

Here are a few photos from my assignments in Guatemala and the Philippines, I hope it gives you a small insight into my ‘other’ work.

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All photos taken by Wayne Rowe / Visioning Images

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