Embody Dance – Giving Everyone the Chance to Dance

It’s been a busy few weeks to say the least but one of the highlights of all the work I’ve been doing was when I spent a couple of days with Embody Dance.  Emma, the founder of Embody Dance said that her dream was to make dance accessible to out-of-reach environments within the community, she simply wants everyone to be allowed the chance to dance.  Emma asked me to produce a promotional video for Embody Dance and take a few photos for her website www.embodydance.co.uk.  The two days filming and photographing the various groups she works with was absolutely fantastic, Emma is doing some amazing work in the community. It was hard work but I loved every minute of it.

Here’s the video I produced and some of the photos we took. I have to give a lot of credit to Linda for the photos as most of the photography work was done by her.

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