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“You try to plan and visualise how you want your wedding to turn out but you’re never quite sure if it’s going to come together”, Lauren said to us on the day.

Well Lauren, it came together beautifully!  It was an absolutely amazing day.  You and Jona will remember it for the rest of your lives.  Hopefully, the photos we captured will help you re-live the special day.


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The drone comes in handy for this next type of shot.

Aston Hall Wedding-50Aston Hall Wedding-52Aston-Hall-Wedding-84Aston Hall Wedding-63Aston-Hall-Wedding-85Aston Hall Wedding-56Aston Hall Wedding-57Aston Hall Wedding-59Aston Hall Wedding-58Aston Hall Wedding-60Aston Hall Wedding-62Aston-Hall-Wedding-86Aston Hall Wedding-68Aston Hall Wedding-69Aston Hall Wedding-73Aston Hall Wedding-70Aston Hall Wedding-67Aston Hall Wedding-75Aston Hall Wedding-72Aston Hall Wedding-74


The last time we photographed at Ringwood Hall the wedding took place in the hall itself.  This time, Jenni and Reece’s fantastic day was in the hall’s summer garden marquee, located in the impressive grounds.

The ceremony itself took place at Holy Trinity Church in Shirebrook before heading over to Ringwood Hall for celebrations.

It’s always lovely when we’re made to feel so welcome by friends and family, it makes such a difference.  They’re a fantastic couple and we wish them all the very best for their future together.

Here are just a few shots from their day.


Ringwood-Hall-Wedding-80Ringwood Hall Wedding-13Ringwood Hall Wedding-4Ringwood Hall Wedding-10Ringwood Hall Wedding-5Ringwood-Hall-Wedding-81Ringwood Hall Wedding-8Ringwood-Hall-Wedding-82Ringwood Hall Wedding-14Ringwood Hall Wedding-15Ringwood Hall Wedding-16Ringwood Hall Wedding-18Ringwood Hall Wedding-19Ringwood Hall Wedding-20Ringwood-Hall-Wedding-83Ringwood Hall Wedding-225N8A53605N8A5368Ringwood Hall Wedding-25Ringwood Hall Wedding-26Ringwood Hall Wedding-27Ringwood-Hall-Wedding-84Ringwood Hall Wedding-32Ringwood Hall Wedding-34Ringwood Hall Wedding-35Ringwood-Hall-Wedding-85Ringwood Hall Wedding-39Ringwood Hall Wedding-40Ringwood Hall Wedding-41Ringwood Hall Wedding-42Ringwood Hall Wedding-47Ringwood Hall Wedding-48Ringwood Hall Wedding-43Ringwood Hall Wedding-44Ringwood-Hall-Wedding-86Ringwood Hall Wedding-49Ringwood Hall Wedding-51Ringwood Hall Wedding-50Ringwood Hall Wedding-52Ringwood Hall Wedding-55Ringwood-Hall-Wedding-87Ringwood Hall Wedding-53Ringwood Hall Wedding-57Ringwood Hall Wedding-58Ringwood Hall Wedding-59Ringwood Hall Wedding-60Ringwood-Hall-Wedding-88Ringwood Hall Wedding-62Ringwood Hall Wedding-65Ringwood-Hall-Wedding-89Ringwood Hall Wedding-70Ringwood Hall Wedding-68Ringwood Hall Wedding-69Ringwood Hall Wedding-71Ringwood Hall Wedding-76Ringwood Hall Wedding-72Ringwood Hall Wedding-73Ringwood Hall Wedding-74Ringwood Hall Wedding-77Ringwood Hall Wedding-78