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It seems such a long time ago since I shot Roanna and Phil’s wedding. In fact, it was back in November, last year. The winter months are when I do most of my humanitarian photography work, but I managed to squeeze in Roanna and Phil’s special day. And indeed, it was a special day! I’ve really enjoyed looking back through the photos, remembering all the moments that made it so fantastic.

They’re such an amazing couple, as always it was such an honour and pleasure to photograph their day.

Here are just a handful of images I wanted to share with you…..enjoy!


I’m WAY behind on blog posts from weddings I covered earlier this year. Here’s Sarah and Tom’s fantastic day back in August.

To say I’d been looking forward to their special day would be a huge understatement. Saran and Tom are a fabulous couple who had big plans on how they’d like their day celebrated. As soon as they told me they had organised a tipi for the wedding breakfast my face must have lit up.

After the initial ceremony at the beautiful Baslow church, we moved onto Hollowgate Farm for a spectacular wedding breakfast and party in a trio complex of tipis – magical!

It was a joy to be accompanied by our good friend and wonderfully talented photographer, Simon, throughout the day. We had a blast documenting the day.

It was a fantastic wedding, celebration and party. Hope you enjoy the story!
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