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Although I’m not really fully into my wedding season just yet I have managed to fit in a couple within the last few weeks. The first was my brother’s wedding celebration and my most recent was for a really special friend of mine…Jenny. We’ve been friends for many years and it was an honour to be the photographer for her and Matt’s big day. Rather than placing photos from the wedding on my blog I thought I’d insert a DVD photo montage I put together for them instead. The backing music was taken from various parts of their day, the first piece was played during the signing of the register and the second song was chosen for their first dance together in the evening.

Some of the shots within the montage were taken by Simon Holmes who provides additional photographic coverage at wedding assignments. Simon has a great ability to capture those candid moments when people aren’t aware that they’re being photographed, these are often special moments and the images help to convey the atmosphere of the day.

I’ve also produced a storybook for Jen & Matt and you can see this by heading over to and clicking on the wedding portfolio link.

Thanks to Jen and Matt for asking me to be their photographer!  I wish you both all the best!

Having recently taken ownerships of a Canon 7D camera, I wanted to give the video functions a whirl. So here’s a very unremarkable piece of video that I shot during my daughters 16th birthday yesterday. For those of you who don’t really know me…..I’m being sarcastic with the title of the video!

For those of you who are interested in the techie bits, it was shot with a 17-55mm 2.8 IS lens using 1920×1080 at 25fps. The majority of the footage was filmed in very low light so this was always going to push the camera’s abilities.  On the whole, I feel it does extremely well with low light situations, but it meant that I had to push the ISO up to 3200 on occasions.  Manual focus takes some getting used to, but it does allow you to be creative with depth of field shots.  It’s the ability to use DOF that sets a VDSLR apart from your everyday HD camcorders and with a little practice there’s no reason why you can’t get pro results from these cameras. I’ve been told that many professional film makers are now using VDSLR’s for their productions, so they can’t be bad!

Okay, well here’s the gripe.  The 7D records using a customised MOV (Quicktime) format, which seems fine, but I had ridiculous amounts of problems getting a video editor to recognise or cope with the files. I use Sony Vegas Pro for editing and publishing video, it’s simply down to personal preference but I know Sony’s way of thinking, so that when they produce software I can pretty much guess how a particular function will work. Anyway, Vegas did recognise the files but it wouldn’t import them all, time after time it’d just freeze up on me or I’d get a red screen of death.  I tried converting the files to numerous different formats i.e. avi, mpeg4 etc, but these didn’t work either. After a few hours of cursing I decided to try Adobe Premiere but I had exactly the same problem. I then tried a very simple Ulead program and it imported them perfectly!  What’s that all about?!! Unfortunately, the Ulead software is too simplistic and wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do, so I was back to the drawing board.  Eventually, I tried Pinnacle’s HD Studio software (part of Avid) and thankfully this worked fine, it’s going to take some time to get my head around HD Studio though.  Even now, I’m still miffed that I can’t use Vegas…..maybe I’m cynical but it wouldn’t surprise me if Sony has just got it in for Apple!  Rant over.

All in all, I’m pleased with the 7D’s video capabilities and I’m going to look forward to using it on assignment over the next few months.