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It was a cold, winter morning for Carla and Shawn’s pre-wed shoot at Newstead Abbey, but the sun was out!  Carla admitted that she was a little nervous about the shoot to begin with, however, by the end she was far more relaxed…she may have even enjoyed it!!

Their wedding in March will be our first for 2015, really excited to document it for them – not long now!

Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-5Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-6Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-25Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-2Newstead-Abbey-Pre-wed-26Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-8Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-9Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-14Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-16Newstead-Abbey-Pre-wed-27Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-10Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-19Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-18Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-17Newstead Abbey Pre-wed-20Newstead-Abbey-Pre-wed-28Newstead-Abbey-Pre-wed-29


When I look back through our own wedding album, there is a photo of a little girl passing a wedding gift to Linda. That little girl’s name was Lucy and we had the privilege of photographing her wedding a few days before Christmas. Lucy and James are a wonderful couple, totally made for each other. Their wedding day was one of the most fun-filled occasions I have been to.

As I’ve looked through the several thousand photos we took, many capture the fun nature of those present at the wedding, this made it an absolute joy for us to document. Special thanks goes to Simon for the amazing shots he took throughout the earlier parts of the day.

We also have to mention Matt and Philip, James’ best men.  We have been to a serious amount of weddings over the years and without a doubt, their speeches were a class above, really wished we had filmed it – fantastic guys!

So, here are just a handful of shots from the day. Hopefully they give a glimpse of the days proceedings and the fun we all had.

Swancar Farm Wedding-7Swancar-Farm-Wedding-100Swancar Farm Wedding-1Swancar Farm Wedding-3Swancar Farm Wedding-11Swancar-Farm-Wedding-101Swancar-Farm-Wedding-102Swancar Farm Wedding-2Swancar Farm Wedding-18Swancar Farm Wedding-14Swancar Farm Wedding-90Swancar-Farm-Wedding-103Swancar-Farm-Wedding-104Swancar Farm Wedding-15Swancar Farm Wedding-93Swancar Farm Wedding-94Swancar Farm Wedding-22Swancar Farm Wedding-19Swancar Farm Wedding-20Swancar Farm Wedding-21Swancar Farm Wedding-23Swancar Farm Wedding-24Swancar Farm Wedding-25Swancar-Farm-Wedding-105Swancar Farm Wedding-28Swancar-Farm-Wedding-106Swancar Farm Wedding-32Swancar Farm Wedding-33Swancar Farm Wedding-34Swancar Farm Wedding-35Swancar Farm Wedding-36Swancar Farm Wedding-37Swancar Farm Wedding-38Swancar-Farm-Wedding-107Swancar Farm Wedding-42Swancar Farm Wedding-41Swancar Farm Wedding-45Swancar Farm Wedding-44Swancar Farm Wedding-47Swancar-Farm-Wedding-108Swancar Farm Wedding-48Swancar Farm Wedding-52Swancar Farm Wedding-51Swancar Farm Wedding-53Swancar-Farm-Wedding-109Swancar Farm Wedding-58Swancar Farm Wedding-64Swancar Farm Wedding-59Swancar Farm Wedding-60Swancar Farm Wedding-62Swancar Farm Wedding-63Swancar Farm Wedding-98Swancar-Farm-Wedding-110Swancar Farm Wedding-67Swancar Farm Wedding-202Swancar-Farm-Wedding-111Swancar Farm Wedding-61